Thursday, December 16, 2010

Christmas baking

If you don't have a puppy, I want to trade you lives.

Dexter is so unbelievably cute, but such a naughty little thing. I'm sure his naughty-ness is very normal for an 8 week old puppy, but it is driving me insaaaaaane.

I am setting a very strict schedule for his crate training and I need to make sure I pay attention to the time and really stick with it. He does pretty good about peeing on the pee pads but has had some accidents... We'll see. I am hoping this potty training stuff sinks into his little brain really quickly.

Other news, and I really did find this exciting, I just got a year's subscription to Whole Living and Everyday Foods for $10... for both of them... together. I love cooking magazines... which is a little silly now that I have to eat gluten free... but it's still fun to read them and get ideas of things that I can make for other people :) And for $10 for an entire year of both of them, it seemed stupid not to do it.

Here's the link for the deal... I thought it was pretty exciting :) I love magazines.

Hopefully that works but it might not.

I am going to attempt to snow blow our driveway today... too bad you can't drive by and laugh because it will probably be pretty funny. I am thinking I can handle it, but I have never used a snow blower before so we'll see.

I can't wait for Sunday when I am going to bake Christmas cookies and make chocolate covered pretzels and chocolate covered Oreos decorated all cutely... I wish I could do it today but I need to wait...

Last year was pretty freaking fun, I must say.

Aw man. I just found a picture of our Christmas tree from last year, and I wrapped our presents SO MUCH better last year. And the tags were about a billion times cuter. I suck...

Look how cute they were...

And this year...

Grosssssssss... Our tree looks a mess in this picture, too.

Ugh. I knew I didn't like the way the presents looked this year, but I forgot how much I liked them last year!

Dang it.

Well, next year I'll do better... maybe...


  1. i think the presents still look adorable! and don't those chocolate drizzled treats have my name all over them? oh yes, they do.

    :) happy day!

  2. First of all--Yum!!
    Secondly--I like your tree! My mom used to wrap all of our presents in paper-bag type wrapping paper and it always looked so warm and cozy.
    And Lastly--We could probably be friends. I used to live in Des Moines, IA and I subscribe to Whole Living. And that leaf picture really is one of my favorite things ever too. :)

  3. So jealous of your puppy! I'm making sugar cookies this weekend! Can't wait to decorate them!

  4. Hi. If it makes you feel better, your tree and wrappings are cuter than ours (by far.) You will see. I wrapped ours in plain white paper and let the girls color on some of them. Plus, the daycare kids have been trying to break into them. Well, mainly 1 daycare boy has been trying to break into 1 present.

    Are you bringing me these yummy treats? :)

  5. I think your presents look great! At least you have started wrapping! Good luck with the potty training!