Saturday, December 18, 2010

Candy Cane Kisses and Christmas Bark

Well, I gave in and started some of my baking yesterday.

I wasn't going to start anything yesterday, but having all of those Candy Cane kisses sitting around was NOT a good idea... I have no idea how many I ate before I got started. So I decided I had to start baking so that I couldn't eat any more of them. That is one good thing about eating gluten free... I can't snack on much of the stuff that I bake :)

I do bake myself gluten free treats more often than necessary, so don't worry. But some stuff just isn't worth the trouble... especially when I really really really do not need to eat it! It's a good way to restrain myself because I know I absolutely cannot have it.

And the only thing I dislike about baking stuff that I can't eat is that I can't at least try it to make sure it tastes ok... that is so frustrating, you have no idea. So I always stare at Michael as he takes the first bite of whatever it is that I made, and his response is always the same. ''It's good''... That is no help, seriously. He'll tell me whatever I make is good even if it isn't...


But anyways, I saw these treats the other day HERE and thought they were so cute.

Plus the poem that goes along with it is just kind of neat. I did not print off the poem and probably won't print it off, because these are going to be thrown in a tin with other assorted treats... but it would be a really really really cute thing to make with your kids I think.

It was fun to make them, and the directions on that website are pretty much dead on with the time that it takes to melt them correctly and stuff. 5 or 6 minutes was pretty perfect I found out. For my first pan I picked a tester kiss and periodically opened the oven door and poked my tester with my finger to see how melted it was. And around 5 minutes was good!

Do you know how hard it was to be laying these pretzels out and coming across a broken pretzel that you just instinctively want to eat just to get rid of it... but you can't eat it because you will DIE of gluten poisoning. Ok I wouldn't die... not even close... but I would be in a lot of pain and it is so hard to remind myself not to eat certain things sometimes. But I am glad I remembered :) I stuck a piece of bread in my mouth one day not even thinking and I had to spit it out when I realized what I did :)

But anyways...

Just after I put them in the oven. As you can see I used some white/dark chocolate kisses too. I made an entire pan of these as well.

I let them melt down until the tops were completely rounded... so there is no tip left. Otherwise they are still a little hard in the middle.

Some of them turned out really nice looking and some I was a little sloppier with... Not that it really matters though. But you really can kind of control how perfectly they sit on there as you're pushing the M&M on. You can kind of move the chocolate around a bit.

Oh, and since I didn't plan on using the poem too, I didn't have to make sure my M's were face up... but I suppose if you are going to use it it would make more sense if you could read all of the M's.

Anyways, I had fun making them. And I've decided I might as well just go ahead with the rest of my baking.

So today I made THESE.

I've never made them before, and again I won't be able to even taste them... but that's ok. Hopefully they taste good......

I had lots of extra M&M's which are also realllly not good to have sitting around, so I threw some on along with some toffee... deeelicious toffee... I probably overdid it, but I don't really care!

Maybe I should have chopped up the M&M's... Hmm...

Oh well.

I might also make the chocolate covered oreos and pretzels today... we'll see if Dexter will allow it.


  1. The pretzels and kisses look like fun...something I could put together this afternoon with my girls. I agree, it must be horrible not to get to try out the treats, but you're so much better off!

  2. Everything looks so delicious!

  3. Hi Ali! Thanks so much for visiting my blog yesterday! I am so glad I came over to visit you because I am gluten free, too. I've only been GF for about 4 years this month and after going 40 years eating regular food, it can be very difficult at times. You are really good making the regular items even if you can't eat them. I try to make my regular recipe of some things and then adapt it to GF. Some things work, others don't.

    I hardly bake at all now, although I didn't do much of it before! : ) I did see a couple of recipes for things we could eat. One is peanut butter cups, which I need to find again. Just chocolate and peanut butter I believe and no gluten worries.

  4. Thanks for linking to the Christmas Bark! Hope your family enjoyed it as much as we do. :)