Sunday, December 19, 2010

Antique Archaeology

Anybody else here obsessed with the show American Pickers on the History channel???

I think that show is amazingly entertaining, AND they are from Iowa so that's pretty awesome. Their shop is about 10 miles from our house in Le Claire, Iowa (even though we are across the river in Illinois), so Michael and I drove over there today just to take a couple of pictures of the outside of the shop to show some people. They were closed, which we knew when we left, but figured it would still be neat just to see it.

Well as we're sitting in the alley taking pictures a car is coming at us from the other direction and the girl driving it starts waving at us. And she yelled ''come on in'' as she drove past us into the driveway. So... we got to go inside and look around and it was pretty much awesome.

The girl was not Danielle, by the way. If you watch the show, you know what I'm talking about. If not it doesn't really matter :) She looked like her though so I'm thinking they are sisters. I thought it was her at first when she was in her car, but nope.

It really is cool in there. I LOVE looking at that kind of stuff. I really wanted to buy something but I didn't want to make her stay there with us while we looked at everything so we tried to be fairly quick.

We did buy my dad's girlfriend a shirt because she absolutely loves the show and has been talking about wanting to go to the shop, and got my dad a pair of work gloves. Both say ''American Pickers'' on them and they're just kind of fun little souvenirs :)

But it was just pretty awesome. I was really excited to go in. I want to go back when it is open and buy an actual item there... not just memorabilia from the show.

Here are some pictures!

It was really fun for me to be in there and see stuff that I had seen then ''pick'' on the show. Like that OPEN sign with the star on top. Totally remember that from an episode.

I remember that Philip Morris guy very well too. AND I just saw that big red arrow on an episode I watched yesterday afternoon... so that made me really happy :)

It was really really really really fun. Made my day.

I have been CRAZY busy baking this weekend... And I'm not even close to being done. But I'm having fun doing it!

Pictures later.

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  1. Oh I KNOW my dad would love cool to have a show filmed so close to home!