Tuesday, November 9, 2010

My fingers are black and sticky.

I got a couple of fun things done today!

Yesterday Michael's mom and I went to Hobby Lobby and Michaels to look for Fall decorations on clearance for Sarah's pumpkin themed baby shower. We got some cute stuff, but of course I had to wander around and look at other things while we were there.

I knew I wanted chalkboard spray paint and a tray of some sort... Well I got really lucky and found 3 trays that nest inside of each other which were all 60% off so they were all $1 or less a piece... It was pretty exciting.

So today I sanded them down and put a sealer on them to make them a little easier to spray paint.

I sprayed the biggest one all in chalkboard paint, and the two smaller ones I sprayed in regular black paint. I didn't bother to spray paint the middles of the trays because I wanted to put paper in them to make them a little cuter. I also ended up spraying the two long outside ends of the smaller trays in chalkboard paint too, so I can write on the sides if I ever feel the need.

I also bought this wooden plate thing because it was also incredibly cheap and I thought it might be fun to put somewhere.

I have no idea where any of these things are going yet by the way.

(Also, the other day I spray painted some vases black. A really tall one that was just clear and I didn't like it, and two little ones that I didn't like either... I have pictures you'll see later. I ended up spraying the two little vases in chalkboard paint too and I love it! They look exactly the same, except now you can write on them... pretty fun)

Here are the trays after I painted them:
These are the two smaller ones with the regular black paint.

The wooden plate:

I don't have a picture of the big tray by itself apparently so you'll have to wait.

The next thing I did was cut two pieces of paper to fit in the middles of the smaller trays. I sprayed the backs of the paper with adhesive spray and stuck them on. I really don't enjoy spray adhesive a whole lot but it definitely works well. It is just so messy... or maybe I'm just messy, I don't know.

But they look cute!!

Incredibly easy and cute... I like it.

Here are all three trays and the little vases I painted the other day and spruced up today with chalkboard paint:

I bought chalkboard markers at Hobby Lobby with my 40% off coupon, and they are pretty awesome. You have to shake them for a long time before you can use them... and if you don't store them upside down (with the writing side down) it takes FOREVER for them to be usable.

How fun is that???? I love it.

My other project I did today was pretty random and... not done very well, but I still like the end result for the most part.

I bought these little clip boards at The Dollar Tree a LONG time ago... I totally forgot I had them...

Well yesterday at Hobby Lobby I kept seeing these cute things to hang on the walls to put your mail in. Every day when I get our mail I don't know where to put it... I always set it on the kitchen table but I don't like leaving it there, so I move it like 5 times until it's basically hidden in a basket somewhere and then I forget about it.

So... I decided to cover these clip boards with cute paper and hang them by the door in the kitchen. Our mail comes through a slot in our closet in our kitchen, so it's a great spot to hang these.

Here they are, I only used two today though:
I just have to say, when I bought these I always knew I was going to cover them with paper... They are not so cute without it.

Picked my paper:

I had to cut the paper to go around the metal part of the clip boards.

It doesn't look great in the picture but it worked out totally fine because part of it was folded around to the back of the clip board.

I cut the paper to be a bit bigger than the board all the way around so I could fold everything over... I did not measure these at all, so my paper ended up being realllllly short on one end and barely made it around to the back of the board. I suggest measuring if you ever try these.

They look pretty cute though, right??

They are a little sloppy and actually a little dirty in real life because I had black spray paint all over my fingers and still do because I can't get it off... and the stinking spray adhesive is so sticky it pulled some of the spray paint off and stuck it right to my clip boards... Grr. But it's mostly on the sides and back so it's ok.

Well I couldn't just leave them alone from here, and I haven't had the opportunity to play with my label maker as much as I would like to (Although I did put labels in our pantry on each shelf. Hilarious and awesome.

So I figured I'd put our names on the clip board where our mail is going to be hung.

I had to use the little envelope symbol... Couldn't resist.

I don't know when we're ever going to let mail just hang on the board and not take care of it, but too bad! They are cute and I like them.

Here they are all hung up!

The closet where our mail comes in is just to the right of this door... you can see the hinges.

Close up.

I like them!

Now I just need to find a place for those trays and vases... they might go down to the basement once that room is ready for decorating.

That will be fun too! I'm excited to paint. Our carpet gets put in on Thursday morning... We need to figure out what color we want and what to do with that crazy wet bar...

I don't even want to deal with it but I want it to look nice... we'll see. Michael and I disagree on lots of things about that basement because he doesn't like painting wood... and the entire room is wood and wood paneling from the 1950's... Not my cup of tea.

We'll see what happens.

Here are pictures of the vases I painted the other day.

I took this next picture the day I spray painted these... The vase has now moved into the spare bedroom and the flowers/sticks inside of it have also changed... I can't decide where I want it or what I want it to look like... when it finds it's final resting place I'll share it... but for now you just get this picture:

Alrighty. Enough from me for today.


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  1. These are so cool. You have tyhe magic touch on everything!!! Your house is turning into a home very quickly!!! Love your clipboards, and the chalkboard paint is inspiring me. I have seen where you can just paint a wall with it and your kids can draw on it...or paint whatever size area you with and maybe border it off and hang a strip on wall to set the chalk on. I think I will make an area for my grandkids...but it will be good for you guys too, if you have young children one day!!!