Friday, November 5, 2010

Made Some Changes Already...

I have a feeling the look of this house is going to change on a daily basis. Not the big things, but the decorations are going to be switched around many many times I think.

Last night I had the BRILLIANT idea to have some of our pictures printed and framed and put on the corners of the upstairs bookshelf instead of those random/ugly vases of cheap-o fake flowers and the other things I put there just to have something there.

So, as I'm uploading pictures to the Walmart website, it suggests that I make a collage out of my photos and it showed me a sample collage... I about died. It looked so cool and I didn't have to sit there and try and figure out how to arrange the photos in the collage to get it how I liked it. I liked the very first one they showed me... then I made 3 more of my own simply by clicking ''Shuffle Photos''.

Amazing. Seriously. Go do it right now... I was impressed.

So I made 4 8x10 collages and bought simple black frames for them.

Then I bought 6 really cheap black frames for the bookshelf upstairs...

I love them!

I am still not in love with that bookshelf upstairs. I mean, I LOVE that it's there and I love how it is built, but I kiiiiind of want to paint it white. I don't think Michael will let me, but I think it would look so much nicer painted white... I don't think it makes our books look very cool, and I definitely think if it was painted white the books would look much better sitting there. And now these pictures would look AWESOME sitting there.

But I am pretty happy with it for now... I am going to try to convince Michael to let me paint it but I don't know if it will work. I understand about not wanting to paint over wood, but... come onnnnnnn. I think white would look way better.

Agree or disagree??


Here are the little pictures in their frames:

All of the pictures I got developed are just scenic pictures we took when we went on our Anniversary trip to Omaha in April. These were all taken at Mahoney State Park.

Here is the shelf before to refresh your memories:

I hated those flowers there on the corner the second I put them there... but I couldn't leave the shelves empty... Just couldn't do it.

And here are the pictures in their new home:

Not a big change, obviously but I think it looks better.

And come on... Tell me that shelf and everything on it wouldn't look SO much better in white... maybe with a different color on the back of it??

SO, the plan for the collage frames was that they were going to sit on the buffet table in the dining room because I was not real happy with the randomness of everything in there. And I LOVE our old cameras sitting on those top shelves... so how cute would it be to have pictures we have taken sitting there with the cameras??? Too cute, I believe.

So that's where they are and I love it. I had to email Michael and tell him how cool I am, but I don't think he believes me. Yet.

Here's a look at each collage first:
Pretend like there isn't a glare on them please.

The colors in them are ridiculously cool... They look awesome in the pictures. And I like the mix of the black and white and the colored pictures in the collages. Nice job, Walmart.

All together:

Alright... Here it is before:

And After!

I think they look pretty cool there... I like it a lot.

The last collage made it's way into the living room. I didn't get a great picture of this area the other day, but you get the idea. It was just baskets sitting there and those little candle holders which were lucky enough to stay



I just think those collages turned out really awesome. I'm pretty happy about it :)

Since I moved some of the knick knacks out of the dining room, the table/book shelf in the living room/entry way changed a little bit... and two of the picture frames there were on the bookshelf upstairs made their way down here. And some of the knick knacks just didn't make the cut and ended up in the closet. Maybe they will end up in some other room but for now I'm done thinking about them.

Living room shelf before:

No one will probably even notice what I took away or added, but I notice the difference and I like it better.

The Isabelle Bloom statue and the bird cage from the dining room AND the ''Stop Being Sad. Start Being Rad.'' sign made their way into the kitchen.

I have no idea if the bird cage or the state will stay there, most likely not... but for today they will.

Those three things match the colors in the kitchen really well.

The colors in this picture are a little crazy. I was having issues taking pictures today... and yesterday actually. The flash was not my friend.

Oh, and I bought a ruffled brown table runner today... I have no idea where it's going to go, but I couldn't pass it up. It's a short one, only 3 feet long, so right now it's on the coffee table in the living room and I am not loving it there... when it finds a home, I'll definitely share it though. It's pretty darn cute.

I like this place.

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