Tuesday, November 2, 2010


We're here and we love it!!!

The first night was a little scary... and by little I mean, we had to get up and drive to Michael's parent's house at 11 PM because I was freaking out.

But the next night was better, and last night was fine... BUT I haven't had to get up and go to the bathroom in the middle of the night and I am reallllly dreading the first time I have to do that. Michael told me I can wake him up and he'll go with me, but only for 2 months... then I have to ''be a big girl'' :) I think I will be ok after 2 months, but I will probably make him go downstairs with me the first time. We'll see though. Maybe I can be brave.

Everyone is asking for pictures, but I haven't been showing any because things are not completely done yet.

We have done a TON though... We had lots done by Saturday night, and yesterday I did a ridiculous amount of cleaning and putting things away. I have done quite a bit today too, but... there's still more to do.

Our computer/craft room is the only room left... but it's a mess. So as soon as that's done I'll start showing pictures.

Oh, and our bed isn't here yet, so that's another reason I don't want to take any pictures yet. It will be here tomorrow though!

So... maybe you'll have pictures by the end of the week. I'm sure we'll be done by then, but we'll see if I can get things clean enough for me to want to share.

I love it here though. This house is adorable and I'm obsessed with it.

I'm a little afraid of the basement though, too. But as soon as we get that big room carpeted and painted I'll be better. But when I go down there for any reason I go out of my way to pretend I'm not afraid and then I always end up running up the stairs looking over my shoulder the entire time.

I hate being scared... I hope I get over it soon.

But still, I love it. And I know all the things I'm afraid of are just in my head and it's not actually scary here.

I can't wait to show everybody pictures, so I better get working on that room... Boo.

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  1. In all my life, I cannot ever remember not sprinting up basement stairs (unless of course I am holding a child's hand. That is almost torturous though, because I want/need to run.) I remember frequently hurting myself at our house growing up because I was running to fast and I'd fall UP the stairs.