Friday, October 8, 2010

More House Stuff

Ummm... I don't even know what to write about really.

I painted a picture for our house, and I like it a lot actually. The picture I took of it is not great because it's on my phone, so I'm not even going to show it to you yet. I might even wait until it's hanging up in the house, because it will look a million times better on a wall.

I want to go get another canvas and paint another one. We are going to have lots of wall space to fill in that place and I am excited to get to decorate!

We ordered rugs yesterday. One tan shag rug for our bedroom, one dark brown rug for the living room, a runner for the entry way and a runner for the kitchen.

I'll find pictures I suppose.

I love this rug... This will go in the kitchen unless it looks terrible in there, then it will go somewhere else... I don't even care where it goes really. Kitchen was my plan, but I'd like it anywhere I'm pretty sure.

I love this rug also. I'm hoping it looks good in person, it's so hard to tell on the website, but I'm sure it's fine. It got good reviews, and I always look at reviews before I buy things... so I'm hoping it really is nice looking. Everyone who bought it seems pretty happy with it, so hopefully ours is good too.

Again, I love this rug. This will be for the entryway I think. I love the colors and pretty much everything about it, so I'm excited.

This one is for our bedroom. It was pretty inexpensive and I decided I wanted a rug partly underneath the bed so when we step out of bed we do so onto a nice soft shag rug and not a hard wood floor. It's an 8' x 8' square rug, so that should work pretty well for our bedroom I'm hoping.

I have bought a few other knick knack-y things for the house, too. Well, a vanity is not a knick knack-y thing, but I just remembered that we did order one and that it should be here next week sometime, so that's cool.

This is the one we bought. It was pretty inexpensive so I liked that, and I don't care if it's not great quality honestly. I just wanted a vanity of some kind that I liked the way it looked. And this works for me:

I am hoping that it is more of a dark brown than the blackish color that it looks here. It says it has a ''cappuccino'' finish, and every other piece of furniture I see with that finish is much more brown. So I'm hoping the coloring is just off, but if it's black I won't really mind a whole lot.

We'll put it in this little nook:

And since our bathroom is pretty small, I'll keep most of my stuff up there in/on the vanity so I can get ready in the bedroom.

Anyways, I bought these cute wall vases too...

I think I want to put them in the bathroom and put some fake flowers of some sort in there. I love fake flowers and I don't care what anyone has to say about that :) I love them. And I think they would look cute here where that circle mirror is. I bought 3 of them I believe... possibly 4. They were like $3 a piece..

I am still not loving that wall color, and I'm starting to really really really dislike the tile... And we HATE the medicine cabinet... but I'm not sure what we'll do about those things right now. I can live with the color... we'll probably paint it some day but it has made it's way to the bottom of my list of things I want to get done in there.

I am getting so stinking excited to get in there and get started doing stuff! Michael has a list of things he wants to get done right away, but they are mostly outside things. Like fixing a gutter on the garage, and patching up some of the cracked mortar between the bricks... Doesn't sound like very much fun to me, but it has to get done I suppose.

Oh, and I'm really really really wanting a chandelier somewhere. I had a bunch saved on my spreadsheet at one point, but then deleted them because I wasn't sure where one would go. But now we might possible take down the ceiling fan in the dining room and move it upstairs and put a chandelier above our future dining room table.

It would look good here, right?

I think it would look pretty good. I also always thought it would be cute to have a small chandelier in our bedroom, but I don't know if Michael will allow two of them in our house. And having a fan upstairs is probably a good idea.

Our shower curtain came, and our bedding is here, so we're going to have A LOT of stuff to move out of this house. Wayyyy more than we came with. But that's ok.

We're going furniture shopping this weekend, so that will be fun.

We need a bed, night stands, coffee table, end table(s) and a new TV stand... and a dining room set... Yikes.

Someone give me some money to buy all of these things with.



  1. I LOVE those little wall vases. I always look at them and think, "Oh! How cute!" I will think that when I walk into your bathroom. I have to agree about the colors in the bathroom, but I was going to keep my mouth shut. I really like the vanity. You aren't keeping your little table? What are you doing with some of that stuff that you had? Is it going elsewhere? I love looking at your blog. I love it!

  2. I assume you're talking about the dining room table? Yeah we're keeping it, but it will go in that little kitchen nook probably because it's pretty small. We need a normal sized table for the dining room... I don't know if we're in a real big hurry to get one though.