Wednesday, October 20, 2010

IKEA trip

We had a successful trip to IKEA yesterday... And by successful, I mean I spent a ton of money and it was slightly sickening. But we got A LOT for the amount spent, so I really don't feel too badly. And now we're basically done buying furniture except for night stands and I might just order those today and be done with it.

Kristin is dying to hear what I bought and this seems like the easiest way to show her and tell her everything. So here it goes:

Alright, this is going to go in our entryway, but we're going to lay it on it's side and put these legs on it:

And then we'll put 4 of these baskets on the bottom 4 shelves so we can throw shoes in there, or other stuff that we can hide if people come over and we need to "clean".

This is our dining room table. It is not as black as it looks in this picture, but it is ''black brown'' so it's pretty dark. But I like it. It extends to seat 10 people, but I don't think we'll ever have it that big. And it is a fairly skinny table, I was surprised when we saw it set up in the store... but it was fully extended also so it just looked really long and skinny, but then they had it set up in another place with only one leaf in it and it looked much more normal. I like it a lot. It will be fun to buy cute place mats and stuff for it.

We bought the bench to go with it. It has a big slit down the middle which you can kind of see that I am not super crazy about. I wish it was totally solid on the top, but it doesn't bother me enough that I dislike the bench, but it did make me think twice when I saw it. But I like it. I like benches at tables.

We decided on these chairs rather than the upholstered ones. They are really cool looking in person. And I bought 4 chair pads for them... I couldn't find the gray ones I wanted so I did sort of just settle on the ones I bought because they were cheap and I wanted to have some. It's not like we can't change them ever.
This is going to go in the dining room along the wall as sort of a buffet-ish table. I thought about switching this one with the first shelf I showed you and put this in the entryway instead. Maybe that will still happen, but I think this one will look better with the dining room table. We'll see though.
These are the curtains for the living room. I don't know how long we stood there staring at these curtains... I put them back and picked up other curtains like 5 times... I couldn't decide if I liked them enough or not, but I really did want curtains with some kind of pattern on them... and I like the leafs and everything... I just didn't and still can't decide if they are going to be too crazy. I like them though. Michael hasn't seen them yet but I warned him that he probably won't like them. Even if he doesn't I don't think he will care a whole lot, so that's good. These are for the guest bedroom. I always go for dark brown things if you couldn't tell. I just really like brown stuff! So I had some brown curtains picked up but them remembered that the comforter in that room is brown so I didn't want it to be too dark. So... beige curtains it is.

I bought 4 of these and the rod below to hang in the bathroom because we have no counter space in there whatsoever. So I am just going to put like Q-tips and cotton balls and stuff in them, because we had little glass containers in our apartment that had stuff like that in them and I liked that they were always out where I could just grab them. And if I decide I don't like that I will put something else in them... But don't ask me what.
I never really thought I'd be one to by white curtains, but Michael's mom talked me into buying the following rug for our computer room... and we did need curtains in that room and I thought white might look good with it. BUT... The rug really isn't very big... and it might get sent down to the basement in front of the washer and dryer instead... So then we'll have to find a different rug for the computer room. But it should be pretty easy to find something to go with white curtains at least...

This was not a planned purchase. I managed to get out of there with VERY few unplanned purchases and I was very impressed with myself. But I had been thinking about how I was going to need something for my vanity upstairs. It's just a stoneware tray. I'm going to be keeping my hair straightener upstairs with the vanity though so I wanted something that I'd be able to set it down on while it's still hot and not worry about it. I don't think my straightener even gets that hot in the outside really, but I thought it would be a good idea to have something under it anyways.

These are the chair pads. They are just beige and not super exciting... but they'll do. They were only $5 a piece so... if we find other ones we like somewhere else I won't feel too badly about replacing these immediately.
I bought 3 of these lamp cord dimmers because I am obsessed with dimmer lights. I don't know where I'm putting them all but I will definitely find a place. Possibly for our lamps on our nightstands, one in the living room and............... I don't know. I'll figure it out.
These pillows are the exact same pattern as our living room curtains but they are just black outlines... I love them. This was another reason I decided against the curtains a bunch of times though because I thought it would be fun to have just a solid color for curtains and then a bunch of crazy pillows... But I ended up with the crazy curtains and the crazy pillows, but that's ok... It will still look good.

Well this was everything that was on my shopping list ahead of time that I printed out and took to the store with me, so I ended up with everything I planned on PLUS the stoneware tray. I seriously don't think I came back with anything else. Oh... I guess that one rug was not on the list either. I got talked into that when we saw it.

So it was a busy busy day and we were exhausted and starving by the time we got home. We ate in the restaurant there for lunch but just had the salad bar... which consisted of lettuce, tomatoes, carrots and beans. So I had a salad of lettuce, carrots and tomatoes. And that was all we had to eat all day until we got home at 4:45. Star-ving.

Well hopefully this satisfies your curiosity Kristin. I can't think of anything else I got... But there might have been one or two other very small things. Like less than $5 each. Can't remember though.

Alrighty. I need to attempt to make this cushion cover for our GIGANTIC window seat cushion.

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