Monday, October 11, 2010

Can it be the 29th please???

We had a busy weekend!

We got a lot of furniture buying done, so we're feeling a little better about the amount of stuff we have to buy... There is still a lot we'll need and I'm sure we'll find even more stuff after we actually get in to the house, but we're excited!

We went to a bunch of furniture stores with Sarah and Kevin because they just bought a house also and are needing just about everything that we need, so that was fun.

We ended up buying a mattress at the La-Z-Boy store. Since I had kind of been looking at platform beds we decided not to buy the box spring so we saved over $200 by doing that... so that was pretty cool. And if we decide we do want it, we can always go buy one.

So we were pretty happy about the mattress. Neither of us has ever had a brand new mattress before, so we are excited to get to sleep on it! And we have our new bedding too, so it is going to be fun!! :)

I am realizing a lot of things about my taste now that we are furniture shopping, though. I always thought I kind of liked antiques and older looking furniture, but I don't find myself liking anything even close to that style... I like really modern simple looking furniture, which I knew, but I had no idea that I would be so against the antique-y looking stuff. It's interesting. I do still really like that furniture for OTHER people, just not for me :)

Michael and I have fairly similar tastes on most things, but he does like the look of older furniture and that has been somewhat of a problem :) Not that we are really arguing about it, but I don't want to completely disregard stuff he likes and it is hard when I REALLY don't like it :) But oh well. So far we're good...

After we bought our mattress on Saturday night, we came home and I looked at all of the beds I had saved on my trusty spreadsheet.

This was our favorite:

I like it.

So we bought it. Bu when we were going through and ordering it, they had the option of adding on under bed storage for like $150 or something like that and we decided that that would be a good idea since our bedroom is fairly small and our closets are VERY small. So that will help out a lot.

So it will look more like this, but in the darker wood like the first picture:

I do like the look of it without the drawers, but they will be really nice, so I'll live I'm sure.

All of this shopping is killing my dreams of going on a crazy IKEA shopping spree, by the way :) I had all these plans of buying the coffee table, end tables, tv stand, and lots of other things there, but... we bought a coffee table and end tables yesterday at Slumberland.

It was on sale and we got all 3 pieces for a good price, so we were happy to find them.

I like them, I think they will be good and I like the color.

A TV stand is going to be hard to find I think, so we're holding off until we're in the house. We're going to have to figure out how we are arranging the room first. We are pretty sure the TV will have to go in a corner, but we'll have to see. I'm kind of hoping it won't have to go there, but I also think that might be the best place for it. Corner TV stands are just hard to find... I'm not real impressed with any yet, although I do like this one:

That's the only one I can find that I wouldn't mind having. And it would fit in the corner perfectly and it's big enough for our TV. So that's good. AND there are doors. I don't like TV stands that don't have doors on them very much.

I feel like we bought something else this weekend, too, but that might be it.

I feel like that's a lot though, and I feel like it is A LOT of money and that makes me want to puke, but... we have to do it I guess.

There is a dining room table with 4 chairs and a bench that we like at Slumberland also, but I don't think we'll buy it. That is also something that we're holding off on. I don't know how soon we'll even need a table. We have our little table that we'll put in the kitchen and that should be good enough for now. If we do ever have visitors over we can just eat in the living room like we usually do anyways :)

We are getting SOOOOO excited to get in there! I can't wait to move in and unpack... it is going to be so much fun.

The vanity and all of the rugs should be here this week, so that's cool too. Not that we can do anything with them here, but it will be nice to just have them.

I can't believe how much stuff we are leaving this place with compared to how much we showed up with. Yikes...

We are super lucky to be able to stay with Michael's parents until we move in. It's been really nice.

BUT we can't wait to get into our own house...

I'm still searching for a dining room rug, but that's not too important. And we still need night stands also, but I'm not too worried about those yet either. I think we'll be able to find something pretty quickly once we get into the house.


18 more days!!!!!

Oh, and Michael bought a snow blower so he is pretty excited about that too.

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