Friday, August 6, 2010

Maybe I should stay up past my bedtime more often?

I am up so far past my regular bed time right now, I'm pretty impressed with myself. It is 11 PM... I haven't seen this time of day for a very long time.

How cool am I?

Anyways, I started making little ice cream cone name tags for the kids at work tonight. I don't really know why, or what we'll do with them... but they turned out pretty darn cute.

Thank goodness for this huge desk... I used to get so frustrated using my little card table because I would run out of room so easily and it was no fun. And I didn't feel like dragging out the nice camera so these pictures aren't too pretty.

But look how cute these little cones are. Thank goodness for Cricuts too. They are pretty fun.

Man, these pictures really are no good. It is hard to see these cones, but trust me... they're cute. Next week our theme is Ice Cream, and we get to have an ice cream party, and I am in looove with ice cream. Delicious.

Also, this isn't really worth sharing, but I'm doing it anyways. I bought this picture frame/magnetic dry erase board at a garage sale last weekend, and had no 8 x 10 pictures to put in it, so I just found a fun piece of paper that I was willing to sacrifice for this picture frame. I think it is cute in there... it's hanging on the wall now, but I haven't taken a picture of it up there yet.

And the last project of the day was a pretty random one. I have been wanting to make an abundance of baby booties just for fun, for gifts, or for whatever. They're just cute and fun to make. So I whipped up a pair... and when I say whipped up, I mean struggled over for far too long because I have serious issues with getting the elastic even on each shoe, and ended up cutting the wrong side of the elastic after I had finally gotten it sewed. So I cut it in half rather than cutting off the extra end of it. I'm smart.

But they're done, and most likely not wearable by any human baby because one of them is much tighter than the other one. But they're kind of cute, right? I'm not sure I would even put these on my non-existent child, but I think they're sort of cute... I hope.

I am really tired and I need to go to bed, but I was feeling pretty accomplished this evening and wanted to get this post over with.

Today was a good day. For lots of reasons.

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  1. What do you mean, not worth posting your picture frame??? It is so pretty with the paper you put in there!!! I love your ice cream cone name tags for the kids...they will love them too, for sure! I tried Twitter, but never could quite grasp the concept, so quit. Hope you like it better. Love the look of your!!!
    And your baby booties are so adorable...any Mom would love to put them on her baby! Elastic can be so aggravating! You really should stay up later!!!!!!!!!