Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Hello hello!

My free Glidden paint arrived, and my little box finally got painted. Unfortunately... I hate it. I always ruin things by doing more to it than I should. I should have just left it pink, but noooo... I had to add leaves.


Here it is anyways.

I looks decent in this picture, but I really don't like it. I might end up painting over the leaves. We'll see.

Now to the real reason I am even writing in here...

My sister and I made a somewhat random trip to IKEA on Monday. TOTALLY worth the 3 hour drive in my opinion. I looked on their website ahead of time and planned out my shopping list. I knew I wanted a new table or desk for all of my crafty stuff. I had been using a long wobbly card table, which was so not acceptable for any type of sewing project. The whole table would bounce and rattle whenever I used it. So I picked out this little guy...

I am COMPLETELY obsessed with these Expedit shelves/bookcases.

I want to own one of these bad boys at some point in my life:
I really wanted to get one and use it as our headboard, but... we have absolutely no space for it in our bedroom. Sad. Maybe one day it will happen.

I seriously love them though. I don't know why I am so in love with them, but I am. And seeing them set up in the store made me want one even more.

Going to IKEA is seriously one of my favorite things in the whole world, and I've only done it twice. But man... it is good stuff.

Also on my list were a few of these Kassett boxes...

I ended up buying two packs of the big boxes (so I ended up with four of these boxes) and 2 packs of these little CD/DVD boxes, so I have four of them too.

The big boxes were on my list... the little ones were not, but they found their way into my bag somehow.

Also on my list was this rod...

...and these ADORABLE Asker containers.

I also got these two Lack shelves.

My plan for the little shelf isn't going to work out I don't think, so it isn't up yet. I'm still thinking about what I can do with it. I wanted it to go by my side of the bed for my phone and alarm clock to sit on... I also bought a new alarm clock there. I normally use my phone, but it likes to not go off and make me wake up annoyingly late. BUT, the shelf can't go where I wanted it to. I don't feel like explaining why. Just trust me.

What else............. That might be it. OH.

I got this Expedit shelf too to go on top of the bookshelf part of my desk. Because I have tons of junk and I knew I'd need more storage than the desk could give me.

SO... Making my list ahead of time really helped, but I ended up spending a lot more than I planned to, and I don't even know how it happened. That last shelf that I showed a picture of was not on my list, but in my head I knew I was going to get it... so that added a bit to my total. And I suppose the few extra boxes added some... I feel like I must be forgetting something, but I don't think I am. Hmm..

Anyways, here is my old craft area(s).

All the junk I had stashed in my closet in our bedroom. Annoying, right??

My old card table set up...

That is the small Lack shelf that I bought sitting on it.

A view of the way our beautiful hobby room (I guess you could call it) USED to look before Monday. This room was once considered Michael's ''man cave'' but.... I guess I have kind of taken over a majority of the room. Woops.

I hate looking at this picture. This room stresses me out with all of it's clutter and randomness.

AND here is our NEW room!

Before it was finished:

And after!

My area, anyways.

I love it. It makes me so happy to look at those little containers holding all of my pens and pencils and scissors. And my cute button jars sitting on top of that shelf. Ignore the paintings, they probably won't stay there.

It took forever for me to drag out all of that crap from my closet and find a spot for it in my cute new boxes. But it's done (for the most part) and I am happy.

But all I could think about when we were setting that stuff up was ''What in the world are we going to do when we move out?'' Ay yi yi... That will be an annoying process, but hopefully we don't have to move any time soon.

A closer view of the cuteness:

I think I'll go stare all of this stuff right now actually.

And perhaps try to think of something to make so I can put this desk to good use.

Oh IKEA... I freaking love you.

Ready for another trip, Kristin?? I plan to win big money at the casino this weekend so I have more IKEA dollars :)


  1. I am ready for another trip! I have another list started!

  2. What a gorgeus craft area you have now!!! IKEA tires me is such a huge place, and then after eating Swedish Meatballs.....time for a nap! LOLOL! You were smart to make a wish list before you went!
    Oh, and BTW...your leafy box if gorgeous!!! I LOVE it!!!! Please don't change a is just lovely!!!

  3. Wow! What a the shelves on the side of the desk, oh and those cute little containers! I've never been to IKEA and I think it would be best if I stay away...I see potential to get very carried away!

    And I agree with Julie...your box is lovely, you should give it a chance to grow on you before doing anything!