Friday, April 30, 2010


I am obsessed with terrariums.

Seriously obsessed. I have about 50 websites bookmarked with adorable terrariums that I want to try and make... I tried succulent terrariums last year and failed miserably. They died within weeks... aren't succulents supposed to be nearly impossible to kill??

Lately I have been finding some ADORABLE moss terrariums on various websites so I figured I would try my hand at those.

Michael and I went out moss hunting today... He was actually looking for mushrooms and I was supposed to be helping, but I was distracted by all of the moss around me. So I brought home a few bags full... and attempted to make a few cute things this afternoon.

Oh, and I got these fun little accessories in the mail last week that I ordered off of Flutteringflowers' Etsy shop. I got little birds, snails, mushrooms and ladybugs. I glued my own sticks onto the bottoms of the birds because they didn't come on a stick, but the rest of them did.

It worked out just fine hot gluing floral wire on there.

So yeah.

I just used $1 jars from Michaels, a little bit of extra soil, the moss we got today and rocks that I actually did buy at the Dollar Tree even though we have rocks right outside of our apartment. I have issues with $1 items. I can't resist.

One of my bags of moss that I collected.

Here are the jars with some rocks in the bottoms.

Cute little accessories to go inside of these babies.

This one was awfully hard to stuff with moss... but I like it a lot. That mushroom is BARELY stuck in there though. I'm pretty sure it's going to fall over as soon as I try to move it.

All of this is leftover stuff... which I have no idea what to do with. Oh well. Oh, and yes those are my dead succulents in the upper right hand corner that have been sitting out on the deck since last summer. Maybe I should finally get rid of them, huh?

I am definitely trying some more succulents this year. I didn't have the right kind of soil last summer, and they were a bit neglected. I am going to keep them alive this time, I am determined. I love love love succulents... We're going to Menards tomorrow to look for some. And also buy peanuts for Michael.

Anyways. I like these little guys, but they aren't as cute as I wanted them to be. I'll probably end up taking them all apart and starting over.

Now I need to decide what to do with them!

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  1. You are so cute! I like your sweet litle moss terrariums!!! They can and will love being wet inside! I am a succulent lover and I will say that I've tried a few terrariums with them and failed as well. They like to be dry. The only kind you can do and possibly not fail is where they are open on top. You must have tons of rocks below, and barely ever water them. (Like maybe mist only) I must say, I don't think it is a comfortable environment for them...they just like to be out in open moving fresh air, where they can breathe and spread thier love! A sunny window and cactus soil is the only thing they need...and water only 1-2 times a month only.

    I can tell you really want to succeed with them...good luck!