Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Random Pictures/Projects

Here are some random pictures from the past few months.

Easter Egg Cookies

Owl Valentine's for the kiddos at work.

I drew out all of the different pieces of the owls on my computer then used Sure Cuts A Lot and my Cricut to cut them all out.  I have the SVG's on my computer still if anyone wants to use them I'd be happy to send them over!  I did not cut the pieces out all at once (cut each shape out with the color I wanted them), I just took this picture so you could see all the pieces at once. 

I used the same program for their names... the kid's always had a hard time reading their names when I used crazy fonts, but... this one was too cute not to use :) PLUS I put their Valentine's right in their boxes so they knew it was for them :)

Cute little felt hearts...
I cut out a piece of cardboard into the shape of a heart so that all of them were about the same size and shape, then cut out enough felt to use 2 pieces for each heart.  Start sewing them up with embroidery threat and then stuffed them with batting then finished sewing them up.

...the turned them into pins with these mini clothes pins I got at Michaels.

These heart with the cards on them were for my fellow teachers.

With such fancy wrapping :)

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I love this Home Sweet Home sign I made.

Again, just used my Cricut to cut the letters and the leafs.  I like it a lot.


The CSI Project

Here are the pictures I painted for Michael's mom all hung up in their kitchen. They look alright I suppose. I'm still not crazy about them though. Especially the apples. Ugh.
Mini fruit pizzas for Imrie's 2nd Birthday Party! Tasty!!!

That's it I suppose.

I have a couple of other things that I have made recently, but... no pictures of them. Maybe some day. They are just little cases... One for the GPS and one for my Zune. Not too exiting, but they are kind of cute.

Later dudes.


  1. I want to see your GPS and Zune cases!!! PLEAZZZ???

    Cute valentines! Love that bee card that flew a heart pattern!!!

  2. I love the mini hearts with the clothespins. Adorable!

  3. Those valentine's are adorable! And the hearts are super cute as well. Thanks for linking up to my Catch a Glimpse party. Would you please add a link to my blog or my party button somewhere in your post or blog please?! Thanks!

  4. How cute are your owl's? Love it! I also am loving the cute felt hearts. My 3 chickadee's would love to make some of these. Thanks so much for the inspiration! Have a fabulous week! Please stop by sometime and say hello!

  5. came here from the csi project - love the home sweet home sign - oh how i wish i had a cricut!!
    great minds must think alike - i was planning on making stuffed felt hearts today! i like your clothespin idea - i think i'm just going to make a bunch and stick them in a bowl for my table.

  6. Love your "home sweet home" sign! I have that paper, now i just need a circuit!