Friday, May 29, 2009


I'm working on another quilt. Since I've already started cutting the pieces, I obviously have the layout already figured out. But I keep finding so many other quilts that are adorable that I wish I had done instead. I know I'll be happy with mine once I'm done, but look at how cute these are!!!!

Click the pictures to go to the websites.

I love the pillows, too.

Here are a couple example squares of my future quilt. I am not very happy with them, but I have hundreds more strips to cut (literally, and unfortunately) so hopefully I'll come across some more good fabric and they'll turn out better.

I'm not sure how many squares I have ready to go right now, but I have to make 48 total, so... I know I've got a ways to go.

I have a bunch of pre-cut Amy Butler fabric that I'm using for the center squares and I'm really excited about those. I bought them here a few months ago and have been waiting to use them for something. I made a pair of baby booties out of a couple of them for a friend of mine. If I ever get ahold of a picture of her wearing them I will definitely share it.

Here they are not on the feet of an adorable little baby.

Even though these turned out really cute, I will never again try to make booties out of 2 five inch squares of fabric... it was a pain in the butt working with such a small scrap. But I'm happy I got to make one pair out of them! And somehow I had green knit fabric that matched them perfectly, and I have acquired quite the collection of felt, so I used gray felt for the bottoms. She won't be walking in them so felt is pretty perfect, but if you made booties/slippers big enough for mobile babies, you'd need something non slippery like leather.

I don't have much else going on.

I've got a painting to do for a friend of my sister... I should probably start that one of these days so I can get it done. I hope it turns out ok because she is giving it to her brother as a wedding gift. So much pressure! Yipe.


  1. cute shoes. The weird thing is, I just started sewing a quilt as well! I just finished cutting all of he pieces and I just started sewing them together today! I like the first one alot! Mines not complicated though. mine is just like the first one I made...patch work.

  2. I love michaels dollar bin stamps! They are my fav! I actually just bougth a clear stamp set...they are interesting :)

  3. Hey can you email me your address please!?