Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Felt mustaches? Yes please.

I love felt for some reason. I have never really made anything out of felt (yet), but it's just fun to have and to look at.

I guarantee you will smile at least 3 times looking at these pictures by Lupin.

I am totally going to make some of these I hope you know...

This makes me want to go make felt-y things...

I think the mustaches are at the top of my list... I'm doing it. Don't worry, there will be pictures of the results.

Michael is going to look wonderful in one of these. It will go nicely with his real mustache...


  1. hahaha.I can't wait to see you both in felt mustaches.

  2. Felt is so much fun! I make artist trading might love that too...anyway I have made three of them using felt, and you can see them HERE. All 3 are shown right below the top one with shamrocks (it was not felt).

    If you are interested in making ATC's, you can do a Google search and read about them, and do swaps online with others around the world. I have a whole notebook full of them from friends from everywhere!