Sunday, October 26, 2014

Halloween Costumes

This year we have a little frog and gnome on our hands.

Natalie has known for months that she wanted to be a frog for Halloween, so I made it happen for her.  

I found the frog head/hood pattern on Etsy and after I found that, I threw the rest together.

I bought a white shirt and pants from Target and then dyed them green.  I dyed them a different green to begin with, but the color turned out very differently than I imagined.  So I had to buy a new pair of pants and try again.  That time it worked out pretty well, but it still didn't really match the frog head I made... SO... I made a second head with yarn that matched.  

I used a darker color of green yarn to make little spots to sew onto the head, shirt and pants.  

I also made her a little stuffed frog belly, and hands and feet.  The hands and feet are just green gloves that I found at The Dollar Tree that somehow matched pretty perfectly.  I bought three pairs of them in case the ones on her feet got ruined.  After three wears (and two more to go) they are still in tact, but filthy.  They still work though!

They are just slipped on over her shoes so we can take them off if she's having a hard time walking.  She walks really well in them, I think partly because if the toes get caught under her foot she can just walk on top of them and they don't trip her up or anything because they aren't stuffed.  Just flimsy glove fingers.  She hasn't tripped in them at all yet, but I did take them off at a Halloween party we went to on Friday.  She's been a champ.

She seriously loves frogs so she is loving wearing this costume, and it makes me really really happy that she likes it.  I think she feels like she's actually a frog and she loves it :)

I like that girl.  A lot.

Now for little Claire Bear's costume.

A gnome was the only idea I kept going back to for her.  I think it's because she's so teeny tiny and only a gnome seemed fitting :) She just makes a perfect gnome in my opinion.  

I used a onesie and tights we already had.  I did buy the jumper from H&M, but she'll wear it other times than this. 

The shoes are just soft shoes I found on clearance at Hobby Lobby and I dyed them red.

I made the hat out of felt and made the leaves and acorns out of felt too and sewed them on.

I also made the apron and sewed on little felt mushrooms I made.

I just can't get enough of seeing her in this costume.  I seriously can't.  She's just the cutest little gnome baby in the world.

 I wish it was Halloween every day.

Claire's Birthday Party

This is only three months late... But it's still worth documenting, right?  Kristin likes to point out when my blog sucks (which is always because I'm boring) and she's done it again :) I have been meaning to do this post, so I figured I'd still do it. 

Here we go.

We celebrated Claire's first birthday party two days before her actual birthday.  We had lots of family and a few friends come to celebrate with us and she had a great day!

She's a great eater, so I was super excited to have a child who would actually eat their birthday cake.  She ended up not digging into it like I imagined, but it was still cute.  I had some serious frosting issues with her cake, so maybe she realized it wasn't real appetizing looking or something.  It still tasted good to me :)  She did eat some, but no handfuls or shoving her face in it or anything.  

We did a donut theme and I had a lot of fun with it.  I made mini donuts and regular sized donuts with two donut pans I bought.  They worked perfectly and all of the donuts came out really well.  Thank goodness I had some help from one of my friends who came to visit, because it ended up taking longer than I imagined.  We got it all done in plenty of time, but it was nice to have some extra hands! 

I had a lot of fun decorating and putting stuff together.  I didn't go too crazy overboard I don't think?  If our house was bigger we'd probably be in trouble, but our dining room is tiny so I feel like I need to control myself somewhat.  I also have issues with clutter and I am a pack rat, so things tend to get a little crazy in here.  

She had a great fun happy birthday and I love that little teeny thing so much.  She is such a good girl and she makes me incredibly happy.  I can't believe she is already one.  And Natalie will be three in two months and that is blowing my mind.  These girls need to stop growing up.

But I'd still like to have birthday parties and holidays.. They can just stay little though.

(Somehow big sister is the one with a present here...)

They are my favorites.

Monday, July 28, 2014

One Year Old!

Has a year ever gone so quickly? I really don't think so. I have a feeling I'll be saying this every year for the rest of my life...

Happy happy birthday to my favorite little one year old!

One year ago today I was holding my brand new teeny tiny baby girl.  Natalie was and is a tiny child, but even she made this little newborn Claire seem impossibly small.  I couldn't believe now tiny she was.

6 lbs. 5 ounces and 19 inches of adorableness.

She was perfect and amazing and spending the last year of my life taking care of her and watching her grow up has made me so incredibly happy.

She is such a loving little thing.  She gives out kisses like it's her job, she is super cuddly and is in love with her big sister.  And her dog.  

She's talking a bit more.  Just yesterday she said ''sit'' to my mom trying to get her to sit down on the sit 'n spin toy we got from a garage sale.  So grandma obeyed and sat on there with her.  It was pretty darn cute.  She also says ball ''bah'', mama, dada, dexter ''dedter'', and I think she was saying ''bubble'' tonight in the bath tub.  

She thinks it's perfectly acceptable to try to dive off of furniture every chance she gets.  She is oblivious to the fact that it might not be such a great idea.  Or she knows somebody will always catch her.  Either way, I wish she'd change her mind about thinking this is a fun game.

She has 4 teeth and I'm sooo happy she finally got her top teeth to come in.  Those gave her some troubles and made my life a little less enjoyable for a while.  I'm ok with just 4 teeth for now because she's sooo happy at the moment :)

She is not as shy as she used to be so that's awesome.  Last time my mom and sister's family were around she'd get very nervous about them and sometimes cry if they tried to hold her.  But she really warmed up to them this time . We had her cousins stay at our house and I looked over to see her giving one of them a kiss this morning.  So so precious.  

We go to her one year appointment on Friday so we'll see how big/little she is.  She has definitely grown since 9 months but it's hard to say how much.  I think she's grown at least.  She is still pretty itty bitty though.  She's always been smaller than Natalie was even, which is kind of crazy.  

She's just the best.  She has been so much fun, and such an easy addition to our family.  She's made having two kids as painless as possible so far :) I love her so much.  Natalie is starting to really think of her as a little buddy now and not just a baby.  I am obsessed with the fact that Natalie calls her Claire Bear along with her mommy and daddy.  Natalie singing ''Happy birthday dear Claire Bear'' about killed me...

Claire loves to try to play with Natalie and wants to be by her all the time.  Natalie really does put up with it very well most of the time, but they are fighting a little bit already.  It always kind of cracks me up, but also makes me scared for the future.  I know how sisters fight.  It isn't pretty :)  I believe I've been tied up and thrown out in the snow, stabbed in the face with a pen, attacked, kicked, punched... yeah.  Good times.

But they are going to be best friends.  I'll make them.  

So happy birthday my little Claire bear!  You are so precious and we love you so so so so so so much.  

Comparison of the girls on their first birthday's:

Some of Claire's one year photos:

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Eleven Months Old


How has she been in this world for eleven months already??? One month until her birthday.  One stinking month.  Time really needs to slow down.

She finally cooperated with one of my predictions and she is walking!  She does pretty good, but still crawls most of the time.  She was really showing off for her grandpa and grandma last night though and was on her feet most of the evening.  

She has definitely grown some but we won't find out how much until her one year appointment in a month.  At 9 months she was so teeny, but I can definitely tell she has gotten bigger since then so I'm relieved.  She's still tiny and always will be, but I'm glad she has grown more.

She doesn't think she needs to sit still ever, but that's true for all babies at this age.  It doesn't help that her big sister is incredibly hyper lately and is running/hopping/rolling around the house all day long. 

Kristin mentioned something a few months ago about how Claire looks like my dad's mom, and now it's all I see when I look at her.  I can't find a good picture of my grandma to compare her to, but she really does look like her.  I love it.  I'm still obsessed with her being blonde, too.  It's just so fun that she and Natalie look so different :)

Claire loves Natalie so stinking much.  It's adorable.  She wants to be wherever Natalie is, doing whatever she's doing.  I think Natalie enjoys it most of the time too, except when Claire is trying to steal her food/toys.  Not that Natalie doesn't steal things from Claire too.  Then they both get mad.  Good times.   Natalie loves her too though.  They are starting to really play and enjoy each other.  It's the best. 

She is starting to try to talk.  She has little sounds for ''Thank you'', ''Dexter'', and a few others. You wouldn't know she was trying to say those things unless you were around to hear it fifty times a day, but she's getting close :) She can say mama, daddy and ball.  Ball is ''bahh'', but still.  

She is so precious and fun and I am pretty incredibly happy that she's ours.  She has four teeth now and I can't wait for the top teeth to really grow in. One of them is in pretty far but the other is just barely poking through.  So cute though.  It makes me so happy when she smiles big enough to see those little top teeth.  Adorable.

 She was in a swimming class with me all this month and I think she wore a different swim suit to every class.  The perks of having a big sister... and of having a mom who buys swimsuits that don't fit very well.  I got her a super cute suit from Target, but after wearing it twice I realized that it is wayyyy too tight, so it's been retired already.  That has to be a record or something. 

She's just so cute, and she is more and more fun every day... but it's also a little heartbreaking that she's getting older and isn't my tiny little baby anymore.  I will survive I'm sure.  I can't wait to see what she's like as she gets older.  Natalie has been so incredibly fun and I know Claire will be the same.  They are just the best.  I am so grateful I get to be with them all day long every single day. If I ever start to complain just tell me to shut up, because I am so lucky to be here and I love them so so so so so much.

Time to start planning her party and making her birthday slideshow... 

Comparison of the girls:

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